Your voice in the Republic



"The Quarternmillennial of The United States of America" 

             A book written to begin a conversation.

July 4, 2026 will be America's 250th anniversary.

In 1826 we celebrated our Semi-Centennial; 

In 1876 our Centennial; 

And in 1976, our Bi-Centennial.

In the near future we will begin celebrating our Quarternmillennial if we survive as a nation until then. One fourth of a millennium is a long time to stand as a beacon to the world.

If we are to maintain our Republic up to and through our Quarternmillennial, perhaps now would be a good time to begin a conversation about what brought us here, and what America should look like going forward.

The book represents only one voice. The book is one podium. The intent of is to create a podium that everyone may have a voice. will accept up to 250 word contributions to the conversation from the CONTACT US section of this website. The chapters of the book can be the focus of those contributions, or other topics that may be important for America's continued success.

"The Quarternmillennial of The United States of America: Vol. II" Could become your book created from your contributions to the conversation.